About Us

About Us

My purpose for this site is to listen, learn and educate, but most of all let’s look for solutions to hard questions and circumstances that women face every day.

This site is a gathering of understanding, new ideas and change. 

Meet our Team

Cathie Love

British Columbia, Canada 
Retired banker, Aromatherapist, Wife, Mother and Grandmother

I was born in the mid fifties to a mother who had high career aspirations, worked full time and believed to her very core that women should be treated equally and respectfully in all aspects of life.
She strongly supported the Women’s Rights/ Liberation Movement in the 60’s and 70’s and made sure that I understood its importance, relevance and effects.
Back then many women watched in silence afraid to speak up.
My mother was not one of them and neither am I.  
Her influence empowered me to be brave, and to always advocate for equality, fairness and personal safety.
My career in banking brought forth the reality of inequalities most women face financially, in the home and in their workplace.



My name is Leah and I descend from a long line of strong, proud Metiś women. I am the mother of 4 and the grandmother of 12, 8 of which are girls. As the matriarch of my family I feel that it is my responsibility to do everything I can to ensure my daughters and my granddaughters have the same opportunities and benefits as my sons and grandsons. 
I am also very passionate about racial prejudice. As a Metiś community member I have had first hand experience with prejudice. I have also worked with many First Nations communities and heard first hand stories of the atrocities these people have experienced. 
I have been blessed to be able to travel extensively and know that firsthand that people are the same worldwide no matter the colour of their skin.

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